About the Monhegan Group

Known for its rugged beauty, Monhegan is an island off of the coast of Maine. It has been standing up to the worst of New England’s famous nor’easter storms for thousands of years. We chose this as a part of our name because, to us, it represents beauty, strength, and longevity. These are traits that we strive to instill in our work.

The Monhegan Group, based in Brandon, MS, was formed to provide yacht and small craft design services to clients throughout the world. Computers and the internet make this possible in ways never known before. We have experience working on a variety of vessels including: 45 foot tour boat; 86 foot Alaskan fishing vessels; 100+ foot yachts; to 180+ foot Off shore Supply Vessels. During over two decades of working in the marine field, we have found that our experience in the variety of complex systems that make up today’s yachts and commercial vessels transcends readily into the architectural and commercial/industrial world as well.

We invite you to contact us to talk about your next project, or just to find out more about our company and its philosophy.

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